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Amar Merdanić / Doctor of Dental Medicine

Amar Merdanić

Doctor of Dental Medicine

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Abdullah Veladzic

Topla preporuka za sve pacijente! Divno osoblje, profesionalno, ljubazno i uvijek spremno za odgovore na sva naša pitanja i nedoumice! Za sve one koji žele imati divan osmijeh!

Nena Alibegović

Topla preporuka za sve pacijente! Divno osoblje, profesionalno, ljubazno i uvijek spremno za odgovore na sva naša pitanja i nedoumice koji na kraju rezultiraju zadovoljnim i lijepim osmijehom 🙂! Thumbs up for dr. Merdanic and his studio!

Amela Topcagic

Svaka čast na profesionalnosti divni ste ,svakom bih preporučila vas kao Dr. i vaš tim❤️❤️.Hvala

Danijela Bukvić

Sve preporuke.Stručni,daju sigurnost i povjerenje,dostupni.Izlazite sa osmijehom.

Abdullah Veladzic
Nena Alibegović
Amela Topcagic
Danijela Bukvić

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See answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as important dental advice.

Prevention is better than cure! To show up in time at the dentist’s office means less inconvenience and more money to save. Prevention means regular examination of the mouth and teeth, at least 2 to 3 times per year. The examinations are completely painless and free of charge, and they’ll help you preserve the health of your mouth and teeth. With an examination, we can see if the proper care of the teeth has been taken or if they’ve been neglected, and we can determine the presence of the calculus, caries, old fillings that should be replaced, residual roots, malposition of the teeth, etc. In the mouth, some common illnesses can be manifested like diabetes, some forms of leukemia, avitaminosis, and infectious diseases like AIDS. The examination is an initial and most important phase in the process of maintaining the healthy mouth and teeth.

Most people avoid visiting the dentist because these visits were always associated with the pain and unpleasant feelings, and that’s wrong. Patients with the most difficulties are those who’ve had some unpleasant experience in the dental office that they simply can’t forget. One bad experience can prevent them from visiting the dentist and lead them to completely neglect the health of their teeth. The doctor plays a key role in overcoming these fears of dental interventions. He should be completely dedicated to his patient and have a great deal of patience, knowledge and creativity for his patient to relax. On the other hand, the patients themselves should trust their doctor and in time, all fear will be gone.

Preschool children have a milk teeth, and between year 6 and 7, the first permanent molar erupts. Milk teeth can decay just like the permanent ones, therefore it’s necessary for a child to attend regular dental examinations. During the time when the permanent molars erupt, we recommend a fissure sealants to preserve the teeth from caries. A child should visit the dentist before the real problems with the teeth start to show up, to get used to the ambience, to the doctor, and to learn the basic principles of mouth and teeth hygiene. To appear at the dentist’s office for the first time when the pain becomes unbearable, is a mistake. These are the situations when the doctor intervenes on a small patient who’s in pain. The child is unwilling to cooperate with the dentist in these moments and experiences these situations as a trauma. All of this can be avoided by attending the dental office early on, with regular examinations and preventive measures taken.

During the eruption of the milk teeth, babies drool excessively and put their fingers in their mouths while feeling upset and having a high temperature or diarrhea. When the first teeth starts to erupt, wipe their teeth and gums with a damp gauze or brush them clean with a toothbrush.

Caries (tooth decay or cavities) is a destruction of the tooth crown that begins at the surface in places where food residues accumulate (fissures, contact points). Decay of the crown develops further to the dental pulp where the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth are placed and that can lead us to an insufferable pain. Caries develops as a result of the presence of bacteria in oral cavity. Regarding the type of tooth substance that is in decay, we distinguish: enamel caries, dentin caries, cementum caries. Regarding the type of expansion, we distinguish: superficial caries and deep or penetrating caries.

Caries often appears among children who have the habit of going to sleep with a bottle of milk or sweetened beverages. During the night, the salivation is reduced, and the liquid that the child has consumed remains on the teeth while giving the perfect opportunity for developing bacteria, more precisely, caries. In order to stop the caries from developing, it is better to break a habit of the bottle before the first tooth eruption appears or give water to the baby instead of a milk.

Your smile is extremely important. It is one of the first things that we notice when we meet someone. We all notice beautiful, white teeth. Drinking coffee, tea, red wine, as well as getting older and smoking, all lead us to a teeth discoloration. Teeth whitening with a lamp or a gel on a hydrogen-peroxide base is the world’s most efficient and least damaging way of performing the procedure. The Swiss system that we use today in our dental office is in no way damaging for the enamel, and is completely painless while providing excellent results. Teeth whitening is a safe, efficient and quick procedure, and your smile will sparkle.

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